Terms and conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors and users of Deluar website, www.deluarjewelry.com (“the Site”) and govern the use of the Site. By accessing or using the Site in any manner, all users and visitors agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Deluar is based in Spain. All products displayed on the Site are in Euros (€).

Terms of Sale

By ordering and paying for an item from the Site, you are making an offer to purchase that item, which offer is subject to the following terms and conditions and availability.

By ordering and paying for an item from the Site, users acknowledge that they are the holder of a valid credit card or debit card issued by a bank acceptable to Deluar. Deluar reserves the right to reject any offer made by a user. In placing an order, the user undertakes that all personal information and details are true and accurate and that the user is authorised to pay for the item(s) subject to the order using the relevant credit card/debit card and that there are sufficient funds in the relevant account to cover the cost of the order. All prices advertised on the Site are subject to change without notice.


Once the order is placed, an email will be sent to confirm the purchase. Shipping days depend on your location. The cost of each shipment will be included on each piece.


As we make each piece by order, we couldn’t offer refunds for change of mind purchases, so please make your selection carefully. If you have any questions, contact us at *email*.

Make sure the size when selecting your Deluar jewel so not to waste any piece.

Size Guide  

  1. Measure the diameter of a ring you already have
  2. Compare it with the sizes on the table to choose yours (it could slightly vary)




16,2 mm


16,8 mm


17,5 mm


18 mm

If you need a different size from the ones on the table, please contact us to deluarjewelry@gmail.com

Product Care

Take care of your jewelry with #DeluarTips

  • We do not recommend using them in the shower, pool or sea. Nor do we recommend playing sports or sleeping with them.
  • They can be affected after repeated use with liquids: colognes, perfumes, creams or oils.
  • Cleaning: wash them for a few minutes in warm water with neutral pH soap. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Check the proper functioning of the closures.
  • Keep them away from sun exposure and warm places. Ideally, they should be stored in individual bags so that they are not mixed with other materials.
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes and shocks.

Our 925 Sterling Silver jewelry is covered with 18kt gold plated 3mm.

Deluar does not guarantee that the gold plating of our pieces will last forever. They are very delicate and can suffer over time. The time at which the color disappears depends on the above as well as the own PH of the skin of each person and the quantity of body sweat. Therefore, the best advice is to ask you to take good care of them.

Product guarantee

DELUAR will be liable to the customer for any damage during the two years following delivery of the product. The warranty period of the article starts from the day of purchase. After these 2 years, no article can be sent to our repair shop.

First month: Within 30 days after the purchase, and except for a clear manifestation of misuse by the customer, DELUAR will assume the part as defective and will deliver a new jewel piece or, if this is not possible, one of the same value.

From month 1 to month 6: From the second month after the purchase, DELUAR will proceed to change the piece if it is a manufacturing defect (which will always be established by the brand) or a repair with reduced cost (-30% discount on the pvp of the repair).

From month 6: If the defect appears after the first 6 months from the purchase, DELUAR assumes that it is not a manufacturing defect and all jewelry should be sent to our workshop assuming 100% of the pvp of the repair.

If you have any related questions, send us an email to deluarjewelry@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you.