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We create your piece in Spain workshops.


Due to our craftsmanship and expertise in the jewelry industry we create the unique piece for you. Working with the latest technologies give us the freedom to achieve the desired jewel:

Production phases:

     1. Inspiration

In the first phase we choose a concept which involves all the pieces and we document about it to be able to create the moodboard. The sources go from fashion notebooks, current trends, archives of vintage pieces to insights from special places, music or people who inspire us.

We draw the sketches in order to consolidate the connecting thread of the collection. We generate individual technical sheets detailing the materials chosen, the textures and the measurements to guide us in the next step.

      2. Sampling

We create the first prototype of the piece through the 3D program specialized in jewelry. In this phase we make the final adjustments about the measurements, shapes, textures, and technical finishes of the piece.

This is a very special phase as we see our initial idea into a piece of jewelry. We print the piece in 3D using resins as material. It is important to finish this model manually as if it was the definitive jewel. Later we take it to the foundry where, through the technique of lost wax, we generate a mold. 

We test the piece to verify it meets the requirements.

     3. Creation

We cover the piece with 18 k gold. We set and adjust by hand all the stones of the design with the help of high precision tools. We finish, review and polish the jewelry through mechanical and manual processes.

Finally, we carry out the quality control, both visual and tactile, to ensure that the jewel is in perfect condition.

    4. Delivery

We add your jewel in a little bag and put it inside the Deluar treasure box along with a writing and a chamois. 

Taller Deluar

  • Artesanía actual

    Nuestras joyas son de plata de ley 925 bañadas en oro de 18k, estos materiales hacen que sea un producto asequible pero las trabajamos como si fueran alta joyería, usando los mismos procesos y acabados.

  • Joyas de calidad

    Joyas anatómicamente diseñadas: pensadas para que fluyan con el movimiento de la persona sin pesar ni molestar.

  • Corazón libre

    Ponemos pasión y jaleo en nuestros diseños singulares para todas aquellas adictas a lo original.

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