Deluar is a good capricho

Vision & mision

Deluar was born in 2021 with the hope of keeping the art and craft of jewelry alive by designing jewels that makes us feel. We want to inspire all women daily to dare to be who they are and be true to themselves, creating their own style to show it off with confidence and security. So, we go beyond stereotypes, clichés, and trends to choose authenticity in our designs, offering you long-term jewelry, combining tradition with the magic of the new.

Our mission is to create authentic jewelry for you that integrates craftsmanship, trends, and diversity so that you shine 24/7. We are a brand that understands that we are not all the same and that the essence of each one is found in what is different. Promoting and sharing our lifestyle enriches us, and for this reason, we work with exclusive jewelry that is accessible to all, made by and for free hearts.


The heart is sometimes a mess, and ours cried out to launch Deluar. Behind this craziness are two very different women but with a shared passion "to go out jeweled or not to go out”. It may sound superficial to you but think about it. Indeed, without them, you feel naked (and this is endorsed by all the women we know, and we already know how difficult it is for us to agree).

Life brought us together, moved by the same curiosity and desire to experiment in this art. So if we add to all this that Ari's family has been in the trade since 1916, then we had to go all out. We united personalities, and Deluar was born to be the sum of independent style, the femininity of the 21st century, and a touch of daring. Our must is to create "the whim of the authentic"; unique designs worked by artisans in Spanish workshops that follow traditional processes of high jewelry to make us shine in any of our moods.

Give yourself a capricho, you deserve it.

Ariadna & Lucía

 joyas, pendientes, collar, cruz