About Us

Deluar is the sum of two and thousand ways to feel 

We met at the university studying Marketing & Advertising and we strengthened our relationship between work, laughs and traveling. We went from being classmates to friends and now we are also partners. We are united by many things and differentiated by many others but we both share the same feeling, going out without wearing jewelry is like going naked.

We have a purpose, to keep alive the craft of jewelry, also considered an art, which has been our family tradition since 1916. We produce from start to finish in Spain workshops. Deluar is the result of joining handmade work with the latest technologies, innovation and the magic of the unknown.

We have to teach ourselvs not to buy impulsively. Choosing for long-term products, saving money for something we dream about, not something we can immediately access.

Our jewelry tells stories about special moments, people and places. We only produce designs that make us feel and that makes them inimitable.

Ariadna & Lucía, Founders

 joyas, pendientes, collar, cruz